composer/songwriter, pianist

curtis colton green


original score, playhouse of cards(dir. nina kramer)

metal tubes (the sky) bassoon, harpsichord, cello

GP, the ship's coming! string quartet

i listened to a flower six male voices

72 impromptu piano/guitar duet

springtime piano/guitar duet

staring days piano/guitar duet

without you original song

love was original song

morning song solo guitar

stardust solo piano

night song solo guitar

colors (i. red, ii. blue, iii. yellow, iv. grey) solo piano 


original score, army of one (dir. nick docter)

romantik string quartet

a poem from my brother four voices

the river solo piano

original score, and then it's gone (dir. nick judt/michael landes)

motion viola and piano

friendly jazz ensemble

for clara four cellos (co-composed with jack lawrence)



theme for the end of love solo piano

thursday jazz ensemble

bare bones jazz trio, guitar

original score, impressions (dir. nick judt)

blue rose jazz ensemble